Buying Niugini Arabica beans

Niugini Arabica beans are packaged in 1kg, 500g and 250g Kraft bags with one way valves to ensure freshness. Ground coffee is sold in the 500g and 250g bags only

If you live in Canberra...

Our fresh roasted beans are sold at our shop-front cafe in Duffy as well as at a number of supermarkets, fruit shops, specialist organic shops, and health food shops across Canberra.

If you live elsewhere in Australia...

We can send our fresh beans anywhere in Australia, however freight costs will apply.

Wholesale customers in Australia

Niugini Arabica welcomes interest from supermarkets, fruit shops, organic shops and health food shops looking to provide a high end top quality organic option for their customers. Please contact us. Cafe and restaurant customers are also welcome to enquire about supply.

Wholesale customers in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere across the globe

Our Port Moresby operation specialises in supplying cafes and retail outlets in Port Moresby and elsewhere in PNG. We are also set up to export to Pacific Island countries and other countries across the globe. Contact us for further information.