Nature has endowed Papua New Guinea with a terrific diversity in its landscape. There are wonderful tropical rainforests, extensive river systems, volcanoes, waterfalls, rugged highlands, pristine beaches and remarkable flora and fauna. Most of the population live in the fertile highlands at elevations above 1500 metres and it is here that some of the best coffee on the planet is grown.

Niugini Arabica specialises in roasting organic coffee beans from the mountains of PNG. Specialisation means that we are able to fine tune our roasting techniques to extract the optimal flavours from what are already optimal beans. The result brings to the fore the superb complex flavoursome body that is intense, yet smooth and silky on the palette with chocolate-nutty undertones. Our roasting operations are in Port Moresby and in Canberra. Niugini Arabica is open to the public at our shopfront cafe in Duffy, Canberra.


Try the great food or indulge in the selection of locally made cakes and cookies. All food is prepared with the highest quality..

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Roasted Beans

Our coffee beans are single-sourced and organically grown in small village based family farming communities..

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Green Beans

The tree ripened cherries are handpicked and transported to the Kamaliki coffee mill. Only fresh and ripe cherries are selected..

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